845 - Audio-visual dialogues

20.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30

Coordenator 1: Engelbrecht, Beate (Institute of Anthropology, University of Goettingen , Lottigna, Switzerland / Schweiz)
Coordenator 2: Canals, Roger (Dept Antropologia Cultural Hª d'Amèrica i Africa / Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain / Spanien)

Audio-visual records are of multiple interest for anthropological analysis as well as for the people in the Americas.

Anthropologists have used audio-visual records since the respective media was available. While in the beginning, these records were thought of being self-sufficient in the meantime a great variety of methods with regard to the work with audio-visual records anthropologically have been developed. Central are at present the dialogues about audio-visual representations as seen in everyday life, in performances, in ritual, in videos etc. The people on the other side are moving a lot nowadays. Migration is part of their everyday experience. Living in more than one world becomes normal. Communication between those staying at home and those being away is important and audio-visuals are substantial for this way of communication. But people start also thinking of their cultural heritage, using video for preservation but also for teaching. And they use video for communicating with the world. Internet has becoming an ideal place for open communication and dialogues.

Another use of audio-visual has been developed in recent years: participatory video or digital storytelling. Here the production of the audio-visuals serve to talk about a problem and/or to present the results to an audience.

The symposium has the aim to discuss examples of how dialogues play a role in the production of audio-visuals and vice-versa.

Palavras-chaves: Visual anthropology, indigenous filmmaking, migration

Título Autores País Co-Autores
4126 - Collaboration, ethnography and videotapes Cardús, Laura Spain / Spanien
5842 - Identidades em cena: produção compartilhada de conhecimento através do vídeo Barquete, Samuel Brazil / Brasilien Parinai'a Xavante, Leandro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Brasilien)
6859 - Santa María del Río, artesanos migrantes Ramirez Martinez, Claudia Mexico / Mexiko
9519 - Fractal 5.5: metodología para analizar imágenes halladas en trabajo de campo Nadia Sonia, Valverde Montaño Mexico / Mexiko
11817 - Para além do audio-visual: construção de uma ferramenta que capte a complexidade de um processo de escritura em sala de aula Calil, Eduardo Brazil / Brasilien Filipeto, Cristina (Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brasil) Pinto, Ibert Bittencourt Santana (Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brasil) Machado, Aydano Pamponet (Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brasil) Silva, Ana (Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brasil)


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