10977 - The Arawak contribution to the origin and development of the Kokama-Omagua language.

*coauthor: Aryon Dall'Igna Rodrigues, Ph. D. University of Hamburg, 1954 (Laboratório de Línguas Indígenas, UnB) In this paper we present the results of an investigation throughout the Kokama and the Omagua grammars trying to verify the extent of the Arawakan contribution to the non genetic development of the Kokama-Omagua language. We refer as Kokama-Omagua to the earlier stage of a language which resulted from a contact situation, and whose grammar presented itself as not matching the expected relations among lexicon, phonology, morphosyntax, and semantics of a language whose history has been drawn through its normal transmission along the generations. We have considered for the Kokama language the data published up to now, as well as the data collected by Cabral during the last 20 years. As for the Arawakan languages, we have consulted the studies by Mary Ruth Wise, Ramirez, Facundes, Aikhenwald, among others, but we are also taking into consideration the Manchineri, Asheninka, and Baniwa data collected by researchers of the Laboratório de Línguas Indígenas of the University of Brasilia. With this study we intend to deepen the knowledge of the Arawak interference in the development of the Kokama-Omagua language and to give new insights to the discussion of its non-genetic status.

Keywords: Kokama, Omagua, Arawak, historical linguistics, non-genetic relationship

Author: Cabral, Ana Suelly Arruda Câmara (Universidade de Brasília, Brazil / Brasilien)
Co-Author: Aryon D. Rodrigues (Universidade de Brasília, Brasília DF, Brazil / Brasilien)


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