6513 - The 'Arte de la lengua Guasteca' by Quiros

Only recently I came across this manuscript from 1711 by Severino Bernardo Quiros, which obviously is the oldest study on Huastec. It consists of a short Arte (the author claims to stand in the tradition of Nebrija) and a somewhat longer Huastec-Spanish dictionary. By the time this abstract is written very little can be said about the exact contents and significance, but it is remarkable that the ms. is around 50 years older than the one by Tapia Zenteno. An edition of this manuscript will be prepared and the presentation at the ICA will give a first description of the contents.

Keywords: Huastec - Téenek History of linguistics Missionary linguistics Arte and dictionary

Author: Hurch, Bernhard (Universität Graz, Austria / Österreich)


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