7457 - Identities and differences in the theoretical works of Hélène Cixous and Luisa Valenzuela

The motivation for chosing this theme was the discovery that feminine writing does not only exist and finds its conscious practical implementation but also causes real changes in the exchange of ideas and values of the world in favour of women and all people with a so-called female economy which were condemned to silence for centuries. Feminine writing as a political force and an expression of femininity is the core theme of this presentation based on the theory of feminine writing of French feminist philosopher and literary theorist Hélène Cixous. Her revaluation of the (female) body and the feminine in a philosophic tradition of the logo- and phallocentric appears groundbreaking for me and is further developed by Luisa Valenzuela a feminine writer from Argentina. In her theoretical works she has even managed to further develop Hélène Cixous´ theory that seems to be limited to the libidinal body. The framework for this presentation is provided by the theoretical works of both authors. Finally I am of the opinion that equality between men and women- the aim both authors reach out for- has not been reached yet. Thus this presentation applies quite well appellative to all women (and men), not to lose sight of that goal and to recognize that feminism in the present remains a necessary attitude, if social development is to take place in the sense of progress.

Palabras claves: hélène cixous, luisa valenzuela, writing with the body, feminist poetics, feminine writing

Autores: Stupnicki, Nastasja (none, Austria / Österreich)


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