7617 - On the Deconstruction of Phantasmagorical Art/Politics Conflict

The relation between Art and Politics has always been a question of relevance and affect as much as thought about art and political action as well as artistic production and its contextual incursions (economic, social, and cultural). The discussion is addressed from different lenses based on talks about political estheticization, politicizing of art, or even art and aesthetic criticism. In these talks these two conceptual and affectionate universes, art and politics, at the same time, mutually repel and attract each other in a game of differentiation and supplimentariness. In philosophy, tracks of this discussion create axioms like “It’s necessary to uncover the content of the work,” following the romantic perspective, “the artist is like a genius able to uncover the real discourse of things,” and even “the aesthetic experience is an experience of resolution and emancipation/empowerment.” Not wanting to make a genealogy of these talks, I attempt to open an argument about the phantasmagorical problem into impure and conflicting margin between art/politics. As such, questions arise: wich epistemological trails help to think about the crossing and constant dislocation between art/politics? How do artistic mechanisms appear to explain effective forms of resizing and sharing of the common ? To reflect on these questions I present an argument with respect to the resizing of ethics and politics provoked by the thought of deconstruction brought forth by Jacques Derrida, and the fervent positioning J. Rancière about the decadent notion of social criticism anchored in the Enlightenment model of action, empowerment and universalism. To conclude, I propose a reflection about some unusual poetic of contemporary Latin-American artists (Performance Art and Dance) that have presented themselves as possible devices of difference, dissemination, and sharing of the sensible rather than the commitments of an universal consensus, and thus repositioning art, politics and their co-fluencies.

Palavras-chaves: Art and Politics, Deconstruction, J. Derrida, J. Rancière, Artistic Latin-American Strategies

Autores: Andrade, Sérgio (Puc-Rio, Brazil / Brasilien)


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