5262 - Is there Humanism or Anti-Humanism in indigenous Philosophy of the Andes?

After the publication of Josef Estermann's "Andine Philosophy" the number of works on the traditional indigenous Philosophy in the region of the Andes is rising. This presentation focuses on the question: Is there an andine aquivalent to european concepts of humanism. I will give a short overview on andine onthology and logics to characterise the anthropological concept of andine Philosophy so called "Runasophy". Based on this concept of the human beeing in his or her world I am going to show, if there is a concept of humanism or is there, like observed in asian concepts, even a kind of anti-humanism. Finally I will give an overview why andine philosophy and its anthropolgy is important for academic investigation concerning contempory societies in the andine region and its new political constitutions.

Palavras-chaves: political philosophy, indigenous philosophy, andine anthropology

Autores: Sühs, Gregor (none, Austria / Österreich)


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