6871 - Transnational Regulation of Labor Markets and the Emergence of New Lines of Social Inequality: Processes of Social Mobility of Women in the Banking Sector

The regulation of Latin-American labour markets has changed fundamentally in the wake of increasing transnational entanglements. Hereby new lines of social inequality are emerging which are related to the interdependent categories of gender, class and race. In contrast to the industrial sector, little is known about changes in the service sector and the impact on gendered lines of inequality. In my presentation I would like to focus on preliminary results from my research project at desiguALdades.net about changes in the banking sector in Brazil as an advanced example of a transnationally integrated and highly privatized branch. The associated process of restructuring inside Brazilian banks (implementation of new technologies, new forms of company organization and labour processes like automation and outsourcing) has changed qualification requirements and the profile of the work force. This implies changes in in the labour markets and employment relationships in the banking sector. If we start from the assumption that the form of transnational integration in the banking sector differs from the production sector – does that lead to a different production and gender regime? Do the depicted changes have an impact on the upward respectively downward mobility of women in the banking sector, who count for almost half of the work force with a high degree of qualification? Can we observe the reproduction of traditional lines of gendered inequalities (between men and women) or new forms of hierarchies and segregation between women? The analytical framework for the examination of (gendered) lines of inequalities in transnational labor markets will be based on the approach of “intersectionality” which allows linking the categories of class, gender and race with transnational entanglements.

Palabras claves: Transnationalization, banking sector, restructuring, gender (in)equality

Autores: Sproll, Martina (desiguALdades.net, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany / Deutschland)


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