3675 - Decentralization and Democracy

In the last 40 years, decentralization measures have been implemented around the world. International organizations as well as national governments have sought to implement these measures in an effort to confront a diverse selection of problems. The most recent experience on decentralization shows, however, that the effects of the latter are mixed and that, contrary to what has been expected, decentralization is not a panacea. This paper analyses the ways in which decentralization contributes to political participation in the context of a Latin American country. This is a case study of Bolivia's decentralization process and how this process has affected the political participation of citizens through the expansion and, at times, creation of citizenship.

Palabras claves: Decentralization, Citizenship, State Transformation, Democratization

Autores: Buitrago, Miguel A. (GIGA Institute of Latin American Studies, Germany / Deutschland)


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