10516 - Colombia-Ecuador border: Dilemmas for Human Security and Regional In Post Cold War

Ahead of the opening of agendas in the one after cold war and of the insertion of other actors in the international scene, it stops beyond the state conjuncture, which brings new quandaries, borders and nuances to the context of the international Security. The present scientific work aims at to establish a panorama of as these new conjunctures, with respect to Colombia and its relationship in terms of border with Equator, had become important the studies on the questions that involve them and the form as the same ones influence and are influenced by the International. Its system necessity, still, to consider the participation of the International Community, a time that this looked for to securitize the subject in question, in view of the quandaries related to the migration, to the overflow of problems, the increasing insertion of Colombia as economic actor and politician asset, beyond the necessity of guaranteeing the security regional human being and, in the maintenance of the scene and of what if it configured to establish as regional balance of being able.

Palavras-chaves: National security, Security Human, Quandaries of Border, National Interest and Balance of power

Autores: Silva Soares, Sandra Cristine (Universiadade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil / Brasilien)


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