3217 - Energy security in South America

We analyze the strategic nature of energy sources and the challenges of Brazil and others relevant countries (great consumers or great providers) in defining their energy matrixes 2030.

In this scenario we must to consider the security aspects and sustainability - with strong appeal to free carbon energy sources - but we also must to consider the security challenges on defense of the reserves and the searching for stable partnership. We underline the impacts of pre-salt reserves over Brazil´s risk perception.

The most important issue over traditional security meaning (the minimizing risks over national goals) comes from the analysis of the situations: a) between Bolivia and Brazil in the supply of gas, b) between Brazil and Venezuela in the supply of electricity to Roraima, c) about constraints to integration energy projects in South America because of the remains of ancient conflicts in region.

Keywords: energy security, international affairs, south America, defense

Author: PAULO, MANDUCA (UNICANP/UNIP, Brazil / Brasilien)


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