10190 - International Dialogues in Public Policy: The URB-AL Program and the Decentralized Cooperation

The contemporary international scenario presents new challenges and opportunities for sub-national units , which participating in the globalization process end up facing different challenges , trying new actions for its development, creating new possibilities and contacts. Among these possibilities , the URB-AL Program, established in 1995, has developed the prospect to contemplate a relationship of dialogue between Latin America and the European Union in search of economic and social development . The program is a form for cities to act internationally , gaining experience in international cooperation , and a way of disseminating good practices in local public policies in the pursuit of solving economic and social problems , demonstrating the potential of decentralized cooperation. The objective of this proposal is to encourage discussions on the dialogue and the promotion of local development policies , especially in the first two phases of the program , allowing a deepening of the themes presented and the effective discussion

Keywords: Public Policies, URB-AL Program, Decentralized Cooperation

Author: Mattioli Silva, Thiago (Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil / Brasilien)


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