9732 - Governance of public policies for territorial development in Brazil

This paper emphasizes the public policy management process in the Brazilian rural environment in recent years, focusing on the emergence of specific arenas and forums aimed at the preparation, discussion and/or implementation of policy instruments, also looking at the different scales at which governmental programs are applied and the role of policy-makers in carrying out the process. The Sustainable Development of Rural Territories Program will be used as a reference to illustrate the questions proposed for the analysis of this issue. With the creation of the Rural Territories /Citizenship Territories programs in Brazil a set of possibilities were opened for state intervention at a supra-municipal spatial scale that directly implied the redesign of the public policy sector, both in terms of implementation instruments ( policy issues ) and the institutional context ( polity issues ) , particularly following the creation of new arenas of governance. This paper examines the limits and scopes of this initiative, based on a significant set of cases, analyzing different processes of territorialization (public policy, governance and development process), in light of the Brazilian experience of policy decentralization mechanisms and the institutional articulation of governmental programs on a regional and national scale.

Keywords: Territorial development, Public policies, Governance, Rural policies, Rural territories

Author: Pereira Leite, Sergio (UFRRJ, Brazil / Brasilien)


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