9612 - Transformation and quality of the politicians in Colombian National Congress

With the National Constituent Assembly, in 1991, Colombia took the first the step towards political modernization. The most important of the recent times in the country, was the result of the institutional crisis, as well as the will of people to make an effective change in the law and in the political practices seen until then. From that moment on, the transformations that took place in the country from the municipal level to the national one, have been the consequence of the democratic opening, brought by the Constitution. From then, progress has been made in key subjects for Colombian democracy, and to institutions such as the National Congress has been returned its legitimacy, at least in a formal way.       The 1991 National Constitution became the promoter of a transformation process to the inside of the political class, and as a matter for this article, especially of congressmen. The immediate environment and the political structure changed demanding and promoting a crucial change of the main characters in the political arena. This has allowed the planning and development of themes that were stagnant or banned from serious and institutionalized discussions by the lack of information, training or tools for its management.      

Taking into account that the success of an activity is directly linked to the human resources involved, one can deduce that the quality of the politics depends on the quality of politicians, in this case, we work with three basic elements to measure the quality of a politician: the dedication to their activity, talent and experience. Accordingly, the main objective of this article is to show how these variables move in the Colombian scenario: in terms of time, if there is an exclusive dedication to the legislation craft by Congressmen; the experience according to the positions held and their political career; and finally in talent, part subjective and difficult to quantify, but that can be represented in the level of training of legislators .

Keywords: Transformation, quality, Colombia, National Congress, Constitution.

Author: Vargas, Daniela (ninguno, Spain / Spanien)


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