5365 - Political Elites and Individuals¿ Political Trajectories

Using the data of an elite survey of 390 high-ranked Chilean elite politicians and a small number of narrative interviews conducted to a sub-set, this paper studies the phenomena of ‘political trajectories’ and what we call ‘political migration’ in a long period of 5 decades. The paper, which is at a time descriptive and comprehensive in character, has three main goals, each one relating to a research stage and reported in a separate section. Whereas the first one proposes a categorization of types of political trajectories; the second section presents the patterns of understanding of the phenomenon as found through a number of ‘narrative interviews’. Finally, the third intends a comprehensive perspective of this understudied phenomenon (political trajectories). Through the analysis of the survey data, we identify the types of political trajectories. In addition, a small number of narrative interviews was conducted to individuals selected as exemplars from each type of political trajectory (tipicality). These narrative interviews provided a thick descriptions that supplemented the typology of political trajectories, revealed patters of (self-) understanding of the experience of political migration, and shed light on the continuity and/or discontinuity of individuals’ political and ideological identity, their relations to other elite members and the (re)configuration of the political map and the political genealogies within wich political trajectories acquire meaning.

Palavras-chaves: political trajectories, political elites, biographical methods, elite survey

Autores: Cerda, Claudia (Universidad Central, Chile / Chile)
Co-Autores: Cuevas, Hernán (Universidad Diego Portales, Chile)


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