9368 - Analysis of youth homicide in five Latin American countries 2000-2009

Analysis of youth homicide in five Latin American countries 2000-2009


Alberto Concha-Eastman, Maria Fernanda Peres, Arturo Alvarado



Youth between 10-29 years old are frequently blamed of the homicide epidemic in Latin America. Indeed they are those who have the highest risk of being killed by a stranger, acquaintance or in armed confrontations with the legal forces. Fire guns, knives or blunt objects are those most commonly used. With the purpose of analyzing the current situation of youth homicide w e gather information of homicides by sex and age group 10-29 in five Latin-American countries and selected cities in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, for the period 2000-2009, and when available up to 2010. The 10-29 age group was also divided in 10-14, 15-19, 20-24 and 25-29. The WHO CIE-10 was used in each country in order to assure that same coding system was used for reported cases of homicides, and make the information comparable. This coding system includes type of weapon used or circumstances of the homicide, as follows: fire guns, cut or sharp objects, blunt object, unspecified weapon, killed by legal forces, killed in combat (when an armed conflict exists), or undetermined cause or circumstance.


Besides other explanatory indicators were taken into account for the analysis, such as unemployment rates, level of education, Gini Index, drinking water and sewage availability, and ethnicity and occupation when available. All the information gathered is official, either from national statistics offices which are responsible for the collections and cleaning of mortality data or form other governmental institutions. It means that we are using secondary data without criticism of the information gathered. Initial analysis show important differences between countries and in cities within countries. Males, as expected, are those most commonly killed. In depth statistical analysis is planned to be performed before the end of 2011.


Palavras-chaves: Youth homicide 10-29, 5 countries latinamerica,

Autores: Concha-Eastman, I.Alberto (Facultad de Salud Publica Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia / Kolumbien)
Co-Autores: Arturo Alvarado (El Colégio de México)


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