861 - Militarization in the politics and conflicts of resources in Latin America

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Convener 1: Azzellini, Dario (University of Johannes Kepler , Linz, Austria / Österreich)
Convener 2: Muhr, Thomas (University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom/Ver Königr)

The number of armed conflicts grows in the whole world. In Latin America and the Caribbean this trend appears in a extend militarization of policy. In the past eight years there were more military coups than in the last two decades. The military influence of the United States becomes a new institutional and strategic quality after the end of Block Confrontation and after the September 11 that demonstrates the inclusion of the Latin American armed forces into the new Continental Doctrine of the US-Army. This expresses in the chance of military doctrines and security politics in Latin America, which show in new relation between militarization, conflicts of resources, social protests, the war of drugs and the internal citizen security. Moreover happen an amalgamation between the different security institutions of State like police, armed forces and intelligence service. Further there is a privatization of military. At the symposia we want to analyze on the basis of case studies the form of militarization of politics in Latin America, the development of military doctrine of the US-forces to Latin America, the results of privatization of military and also the conflicts of interests between the US-Doctrine and some militaries and military forces in Latin America.

Keywords: Militarisation, Transformation of the State, Us-Military - Doctrin, Security politics in Latin America

Title Author Country Co-Author
12152 - La infiltración paramilitar en Venezuela Azzellini, Dario Austria / Österreich
12153 - Humanitarian Militarism and International Intervention ¿ the ALBA Muhr, Thomas United Kingdom/Ver Königr


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