10123 - Paradiplomacy and Decentralized Cooperation: The International Insertion of Latin American Subnational Units by Cities Networks

The international insertion of sub-national units is a complex object of study, since their categorization as an international actor represents a difficult task for students of political science and international relations. This international action, called paradiplomacy, occurs in a globalized scenario where cities seek new actions to its development, creating new possibilities and contacts. This insertion finds in the cities networks a possibility of realization, as these networks, with its particular characteristics, result in favoring the development of decentralized cooperation, understood as a new possibility of international cooperation that allows the participation of different actors and exchange of experiences. This proposal aims to present discussions of the concept of paradiplomacy and decentralized cooperation, presenting some of their definitions and outlining the participation of Latin American sub-national units in these networks, promoting the possibility of discussions and insights on these topics.

Keywords: Decentralized Cooperation, Cities Network, Paradiplomacy

Author: Mattioli Silva, Thiago (Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil / Brasilien)


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