11426 - Comparing young offenders and teenagers aggressors in secondary school: Are there common criminogenic factors? A study in Guadalajara, Mexico

This paper seeks to identify the criminogenic factors considered as a risk for the commission of a crime in adolescent between 14 and 17 years old, inmates of the of Juvenile Integral Care Center (JICC) of Guadalajara, Mexico and to compare the results with those that were obtained from the analysis of risk factors of violence against school partners perpetrated by adolescents enrolled in public secondary schools that have their same age range and gender, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Data were collected between January of 2009 and December of 2010 through a questionnaire applied to 85 adolescents, the totality of the inmates in the JICC. Moreover -at the same period- a cross-sectional, analytical study was carried out in a random, multistage sample of public secondary schools of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara; of 1706 students in the sample, 105 met the criteria required for comparison. Results show that addictions, the lack of empathy toward others, the familiar violence and the friends with criminal records are all common factors in both groups – young offenders and aggressors in the school -. 78 % of young offenders had abandoned the school before its detention and mostly they spent most of the day outside the home. They learned with other people the procedures for the commission of crimes, for example the robbery. Except for the arrested for murder or rape, the rest of the inmates have expressed repeated criminal behavior until his final arrest; even in many cases they had previously been detained in the JICC and returned to their home under parental responsibility. The perception of impunity for breaking rules is also a factor shared by both groups. However, contrary to the public opinion, any of studied young offenders had been convicted for drug crimes.

Coauthor: Dr. Guillermo Julian Gonzalez-Perez

Keywords: Teenagers aggressors, Secondary school, Young offenders, Juvenil violence, Mexico

Author: Vega-Lopez, Maria Guadalupe (Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico / Mexiko)


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