10312 - Combating illegal migration in the EU and Latin America: practical responses

Tackling irregular migration constitutes an important element within the EU’s overall approach to effectively balance and manage migration flows, within a common immigration policy framework at EU level. During last few decades this topic became also a very controversial and divisive topic in Latin America, and mainly in countries in the vicinity of the EE.UU. It is important to note that although EU legislation and policy in relation to irregular migration is understood within this wider context, which has evolved considerably over the last decade, Latin America approach to the topics differs a lot also between Latin American countries.

The specific aims of the paper will be to:

1. Examine the overall historical and political approaches towards irregular migration in the EU –LAC Member States;

2. Outline the EU – LAC and national policy and legal frameworks with regard to preventing, detecting, addressing and reducing illegal migration, and their drivers; Provide a comprehensive overview of practical approaches, mechanisms and measures developed by the states to reduce the number of irregular migrants in the countries of emigration;

3. Review transnational cooperation in the area of illegal migration;

4. Explore the effects not only of EU policy and legislation on national policy, procedures and practices in the EU Member states but also in Latin American states;

5. Draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the practical responses to illegal migration across UE – LAC states, including proportionality considerations and the highlighting of best practice.

Keywords: Illegal migration, regularization, expulsion

Author: Sosnowska, Joanna (Universidad de Varsovia, Poland / Polen)


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