4258 - A Trade Union Movement Teacher to Get a Job in Mexico

This study presents an analysis of one sector of discident teachers which belongs to a very wide trade union in Latina America: the SNTE (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación) in one of smallest states in Mexico: Tlaxcala. These elementary school teachers during almost twenty years have been struggling against the government to get their demands. At the same time, this organization has been obtaining some conquests. Nevertheless, this communication examines how some teachers belong to this movement in Tlaxcala in the last years have struggled in order to get a job in a context of a wide unemployment in the country. The analysis mostrates how these teachers have get a job; but in a precarious condition. The study analyses the teacher´s strategies, actions and mechanisms to get their goals.

Keywords: Key words: Trade Union, teachers, precarious employment.

Author: Sánchez Cerón, Manuel (Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, México, Mexico / Mexiko)
Co-Author: Corte Cruz, Francisca María del Sagrario; Cruz Pineda, Ofelia Piedad (Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, México, Puebla, Mexico / Mexiko)


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