3059 - International emigration and social change: an analysis of the transnational relationships between argentine emigrants and their parents in origin

Transnational approach on migration allows us to understand the economic, social, cultural and political practices that immigrant establish with their countries of origin. Actually, these ties are a crucial variable to analyze contemporary migration.

Using the transnational social spaces theory, our research attempts to show types, means and frequencies of transnational ties between the Argentine-born immigrants in Barcelona and their families living in Argentina. We pay special attention: gender and generational relationships, consumption patterns, hygiene and health care, reproductive patterns and parenting, representation about Argentina and Spain (sending and receiving society), remittances, and the migration project (temporary or permanent). In addition, we will explore how emotional ties are transformed during prolonged absences.

Palabras claves: Argentine, Spain, Migration, Transnational Social Spaces

Autores: Esteban, Fernando Osvaldo (CONICET and Valencia University, Argentina / Argentinien)


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