7046 - Yesterday's Knowledge Tomorrow's Future Community Consultations at NME Leiden

While from the occidental point of view cultural heritage has usually been “museo-facted” and objects are often supposed to represent historical truths, Indigenous peoples look upon their heritage from different angles, considering the objects as ritually charged, and embodying the individuals that made, used, and cared for the objects. Within a broader context of Sharing Knowledge and Cultural Heritage projects (SK&CH) our museum envisioned to set up long-term partnerships with different stakeholder communities overseas. In the last five years Museum Volkenkunde has been organising a SK&CH project with Indigenous communities from Suriname. A first pilot community consultation with a Wayana and Kari’na/Creole representative took place in 2007. This consultation appeared successful and the wish was expressed to continue these consultations with other representatives of other indigenous communities of Suriname. In 2009 a delegation of Trio and Kari’na visited the Netherlands, and in August 2010 we welcomed representatives of the Lokono and the Wayana. To finalize this project we organised a meeting in Suriname to evaluate these consultations with our community curators, but also to present our cooperation with the broader indigenous community. Fundamental issues concerning sharing knowledge and cultural heritage came up that will be discussed during the presentation.    

Palabras claves: Heritage Sharing Partnerhips Communities Museums

Autores: Van Broekhoven, Laura (Museum Volkenkunde Leiden, Netherlands / Niederlande)


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