9611 - Sexualities online: body, gender and performativity between spaces

In this paper I intend to present part of my doctoral thesis on body and sexuality in cyberspace. As result of fieldwork on website GayRomeo (platform for gaydating open to bisexuals and transgender people) comparing users from Brazil and Germany I propose one virtual carthography of bodies and desires in-between spaces. How cyberspace emerges as embodied, gedendered, sexualised and eroticised space? Which politics of body and sexuality are possible to be defined? How those new spaces are effects of a globalised world/ globalising dynamics? Is it possible to affirm globalised sexualities, if we consider those websites, which produce through images and texts worldwide gays discourses and aesthetics? How to problematize such phenomena in a postcolonial perspective, decolonizing gender and body epistemes of recognition? The concept of performativity (Butler) is a central one in order to understand the dynamics between actors and representations: on the one hand such discourses tends to be presented as part of a global gay way of life, on the other hand actors negotiate different meanings for gender, sexuality and, in the culture of virtual dating, it can be observed loads of performative acts which make cyberspace one real “entre-espacio”.          

Keywords: gender, sexuality, globalisation, body, postcolonial theory

Author: Barbosa Gadelha, Kaciano (Freie Universität berlin, Germany / Deutschland)


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