2957 - Gesù Cristo è Il Signore: The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ¿ an anthropological approach

Based on ethnographic research, this article focuses on the presence of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) in Italy, where it operates under the name "Chiesa Cristiana dello Spirito Santo" (CCSS). It discusses the case of the UCKG in Italy with emphasis on its strong proselytism and deployment strategy, and its relationship with immigrants, Brazilian and other ethnic minorities, and Italian nationals. The most successful example of transnationalization of Brazilian Protestantism in this Pentecostal trend and present on five continents, the UCKG-CCSS in Italy is analyzed from an anthropological approach in the context of the issue of Brazilian diaspora and 'reverse mission', two very important phenomena and of great interest for the social sciences.

Palavras-chaves: «Religious Transnacionalism», «Brazilian Pentecostalism», «reverse mission», «Brazilian Diaspora», «Italy» , «IURD»

Autores: Rodrigues, Donizete (University of Beira Interior, Austria / Österreich)
Co-Autores: Silva, Marcos (Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil / Brasilien)


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