6330 - Programas and help: Transnational sexual, economic and affective exchanges

This paper explores the places between love and money in relationships with different degrees of commodification. In Brazil different forms of incompletely commodified sex have long coexisted with what is more traditionally conceptualized as prostitution. The intensification of international tourism and migration has led to the recreation of these traditional patterns with foreign partners alongside with the shaping of new varieties of sexual/economic/affective exchanges. This diversity is effaced in academic studies that fuse “sex tourism” with prostitution and in a public debate that combines these relationships, when they involve poorer/”darker” women, with sex trafficking. Drawing on ethnographic research carried out in transnational scenarios, in Brazil and with Brazilian migrants in the South of Europe, I explore the lines that distinguish different commodified/affective relationships and also the connections among them.

Palabras claves: sex markets, affective exchanges, prostitution, sex tourism

Autores: Piscitelli, Adriana (Unicamp, Brazil / Brasilien)


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