9049 - The dynamics of materiality and immateriality in Christian prayer among the Yine

Among the Evangelical Protestant Yine people of Peruvian Amazonia praying is an elemental part of Christian meetings and people’s private everyday lives. Prayer is understood as a form of communication or interaction with God but in line with the Yine perspectivist social cosmology it is considered also to have physical consequences for people. Prayer moulds people’s bodies to become more Christian and shields them against possible dangers through bringing about physical closeness with God. Prayer is not considered to have its effect so much through the words uttered but rather through opening up a space for social interaction with the Divine. As a relatively late adopted form of communication among the Yine, Christian prayer does, however, also challenge certain Yine ontological assumptions. In this paper I examine Yine understandings of the act of praying in terms of the dynamics between materiality and immateriality and the challenges praying poses for Yine social ontology and understandings of personhood.

Palabras claves: Materiality, ontoloy, prayer, personhood, Christianity

Autores: Opas, Minna (University of Turku, Finland / Finnland)


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