3809 - ¿Hunters, gatherers and semi-itinerant shamans in a dynamic indigenous world¿

When we consider shamanic practices that at the first glance come from what it could be called global imageries and representations; and when we face to shamans that deliberately show trophies of each contact as talismans of power, we can consider that this is a phenomenon linked to modernity. But in our previous research, that took place in the frame of an ethnographic fieldwork with the Tsachila indigenous society in Western Lowland of Ecuador during the decade of 90’s, colonial documentation as well as ethnographical data showed us that this emphasis was part of shamanistic knowledge much before the beginning of contemporary transnational mobility. After considering a shamanic exchange network –both, of apprenticeship and of curing, but also in respect of symbolic, therapeutic and technical exchange - from the point of view of Tsachila, we will dialogue with the meaning embodied in the expression of “shamanic tradition” in order to highlight the role of the modernity in contemporary shamanisms.

Palavras-chaves: shamanistic networks, interethnic and transnational exchanges, Ecuador

Autores: Ventura Oller, Montserrat (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Austria / Österreich)


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