8855 - "Qué es clitoris?" - "What is clitoris?"

Two young female anthropologists – one colombian and one austrian – confront people on the streets of Bogotá in Colombia with the question written in the title. By doing so, they face them with a taboo. The survey leads the two investigators through diverse districts of the city and to some colorful characters. The search is recorded with a camera and a microphone. Bizarre answers, unexpected reactions and also surprising sincerity show social norms and uncover idealised visions of gender and female sexuality. The taboo which rides on female pleasure is displayed – but also the strategies that are invented to confront a restriction that has been built up and passed on over centuries. Not least, the film encourages to confront role models and taboos which are established in one´s own culture and to question them. After the presentation of the 9-minute Short Film I want to discuss if a street survey, recorded on a camera, can be representative for culturally inherent visions of gender. Moreover, the role of the european filmmaker interacting with colombian subjects will be questioned, focusing on the issue of representation.

Palavras-chaves: Gender, Sexuality, Visual Anthropology

Autores: Haidacher, Caroline (none, Austria / Österreich)


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