4193 - Trust between pregnant women and their obstetricians

In this presentation, I analyse notions of trust and intimacy in the doctor-patient relationship among a group of middle class, mid thirties women in Rio de Janeiro. Specifically, I explore a recurrent statement among these women, who were pregnant at the time, that they lacked trust in their obstetricians. Unlike their previous doctors, the recent relationship with obstetricians had been established because of pregnancy and imposed on by the need to choose a doctor from their health insurance plans. Despite selecting those about whom they had references from family and friends, still they were ambivalent about their trustworthiness, particularly because they felt there was little “intimacy” with these professionals. I thus examine this demand in a doctor-patient relationship in which professional expertise and competence on a specific body of knowledge should be the most relevant criteria for evaluation, as well as the necessary association of trust with intimacy in this case. I argue that the prominence of this issue for these women has to be understood within the context of other significant social relations during pregnancy – with their partners and with their families, for this particular generation of women, of economic factors such as the constraints imposed by health plans, as well as against the background of relations between public and private domain in Brazilian society.

Palabras claves: pregnancy, trust, intimacy, obstetricians

Autores: Rezende, Claudia Barcellos (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Brasilien)


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