11905 - Cool Mojo/The Aesthetics of Violence/Power

Embodying empowerment – bee and butterfly and wrestling with an alligator: from King and X to Angela Davis and Eldridge Cleaver and the Black Panthers ‘Soul on Ice’ to Shaft and Cleopatra Jones to Condoleezza Rice and Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali and the Williams sisters, back to Ice T, Original Gangsta signifying – liberating the self by de-commodifying the body through the violent aesthetics of empowerment, shifts of consciousness and diasporic practises of representation re-examined through the icons of action in postcolonial (re)circulation …

Palabras claves: icon, embodiment, violence

Autores: Davis- Sulikowski, Ulrike (., Austria / Österreich)


University of Vienna | Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 1 | 1010 Vienna | T +43 1 4277 17575