6270 - Constructing, Empowering and Transforming Kayapo Chieftainship

The Mebengokré have played a leading role in the struggle against the Brazilian government's plan to build hydroelectric dams on the Xingú River in the Brazilian Amazon. They have drawn upon their indigenous social institutions, including age sets, men's house associations, and communal ritual performances, to increase their political power and expand the scope of the authority and power of the chieftaincy. This has been an integral corollary of the coordination of actions by the mutually independent Kayapo communities to present a common front as a united Kayapo nation in their dealings with the governmental and private agencies, which has necessitated the transform the chieftainship from a an intra-communal to a pan-Kayapo institution.

Palabras claves: Mebengokre, Kayapo, Chieftainship, Historical Transformation

Autores: Turner, Terence (Cornell University, Ud States of Am / USA)


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