11747 - Indigenous ?modernity? among the Yukpa and in Venezuelan revolutionary state socialism

If contemporary indigenous groups are understood as specific expressions of multiple modernity what are the local conceptions of "modern" In how far and in which forms does indigenous modernity create new peoples and identities or just indigenize modern technologies and infrastructure? This paper focuses on Yukpa notions of transformation, temporality and historical change and asks for possible overlaps and differences with the semantic field of "modernity". Thereby a local theory of the succession of historical peoples will be presented leading to the contemporary, the amitsherano Yukpa. How and in which way do these contemporary Yukpa differ from their ancestors? What are the driving forces of transformation and how is this change perceived? And what is finally the place and role of the Bolivarian state socialism and its anticapitalist, collective and oil-based notion of progress and modernity

Palavras-chaves: Indigenous Modernity, Venezuela, Yukpa

Autores: Halbmayer, Ernst (Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany / Deutschland)


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