8865 - Images and Objects in Circulation between Peru and India

The circulation of images and objects between Peru and India will be regarded as part of long lasting historical processes of transculturation between the Americas and Asia. These processes are distinguished by certain moments of concretion within the context of globalization from the 16th century onwards. As a hypothesis, it can be stated that in current globalization processes, experiences of the past are taken up, as in the constitution of virtual spaces. Whereas virtual spaces in the 16th to 18th centuries were constituted predominantly by textiles, the media of the 21st century are film images (Bollywood) and religious Hindu objects which are transmitted to a new Peruvian audience. These new media expand the field of interdependences, which are imbedded in new forms of integration of South America as well as Asia, considerably. Within this context, the focus will be set on possible reasons, motives and practices of the circulation of images between India and Peru and of the constitution of meaning and new virtual spaces and its implications for economic and political processes. The actors will be examined by accenting their mobility practices including the construction of new Indian diasporas in Peru. Another focal point is to emphasize the specific social conditions in India and Peru which are related to the national imaginations of these countries, in a local as well as in a global context.

Keywords: Peru, India, transculturation, Bollywood

Author: Noack, Karoline (Bonn University, Germany / Deutschland)


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