5405 - Bó and Sarli Beyond the Nation: Co-Productions in Paraguay

This paper examines the international work of Argentine sexploitation filmmaker Armando Bó and his starlet Isabel Sarli. Of the 26 films made together, 10 were co-productions. I will explore what these co-productions meant to partner nations in order to invite new ways of thinking about interconnections between nations, questioning the static vision of national cinemas, and rewriting continental film history. The most interesting case is that with neighbor Paraguay, a country with a scarce history of film production. By examining promotional material, a documentary, film reviews, and a personal letter written by Sarli I will argue that the two official co-productions [ El trueno entre las hojas (1956) and La burrerita de Ypacarí (1962)] and two other films with close associations to Paraguay [ India (1960) and Sabaleros (1958)] became part of Paraguay’s national film history. Furthermore, I will closely analyze all of these films in comparison to Bó’s annotated scripts, two of which were originally written by Paraguayan author Augusto Roa Bastos, to look at how power relations between Argentina and Paraguay play out in their work and help to (de)construct national myths and identities.    

Palabras claves: Armando Bo, Isabel Sarli, Co-productions, Borders

Autores: Ruétalo, Victoria (University of Alberta, Canada / Kanada)


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