10356 - Fostering the co-creation of knowledge in the Aboriginal context: Epistemological issues and challenges

Aboriginal people, who are at once emerging as political actors, knowledgeable and aware subjects, the holders of specific knowledge, the bearers of an integrated approach to reality and artisans of global change, are also helping to transform the academic world. They are prompting questioning on the limitations of positivist approaches, on academia’s claim to represent a universal and objective science, on the role of the university as the only place for the production and transmission of knowledge, and on the ethics of knowledge and research. This presentation will highlight the specific contributions and spin-offs that knowledge co-creation in the Aboriginal context can have for the social sciences, and especially for the field of research relating to Aboriginal peoples. The studies carried out within the ODENA research alliance concerning the urban strategies and dynamics of Aboriginal people in Québec will serve as concrete examples of Aboriginal peoples’ contributions to the knowledge society.

Palabras claves: Aboriginal peoples, epistemology, methodology, migration

Autores: Lévesque, Carole (Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Canada / Kanada)


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