5598 - discussant for 542 Interest and Affect: Negotiating Intimacy and Economy in the Americas

Recent approaches to the study of intimacy center on the myriad ways that people maneuver monetary exchange and intimacy, a process that involves continuous navigation around the meaning of the interaction. My work as the discussant of this panel seeks to address those themes and concepts that highlight the changing and transformational nature of negotiations in intimacy and economy. What are the specific frameworks that panel participants suggest and employ in their work that are useful for studying interest and affect? Are there multiple contexts that dictate identifiable kinds of interactions? How does the meaning of the exchange change over time? What kinds of exchanges are stigmatized for not exposing or sufficiently disguising the financial interest of the interaction? What situations challenge the thesis of “separate spheres and hostile worlds”? My participation seeks to expose and foreground those ideas and frameworks that facilitate research, theoretical interventions and that challenge existing configurations of intimacy and money.v    

Keywords: affect, intimacy, monetary exchange

Author: cabezas, amalia (university of california, Ud States of Am / USA)


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