To have a body is to learn to be affected,proffered Bruno Latour.It means it is put in motion by other entities, humans or non-humans.It lets a dynamic trajectory by which one learns to register and turns more sensitive to what the world is made of.Therefore, considering the purpose of this doctoral research,there is no sense in defining the body directly, but only in rendering the body sensitive to what these other elements are.

The Body Hacktivism is a body modification movement created in the year 2000 with the philosophy in which one utilizes its own body with no other goal than to transfer its metaphysical ideas into a realistic dimension, letting its subconscious roam free and give birth to ones utopias.

In the movement inventor’s words, a philosophy that define a movement of independent artists, researchers and thinkers working around mutations and using body modifications as a medium, whose practices and theories invent prospective avant-garde body modifications which are influenced by manga culture, comics, science fiction films and literature.Putting into play practices such as branding, body performance, technologically- based body implants to alter the interface between the body and its environment until trepanation and self-body mutilation, their desire is to transcend the perceived limits of the body,contest its modern and contemporary standards of the body, accompanying the bio-medical and technological development.

From researching in the locus of the activities performed live by the actors both in Americas and in Europe, considered in this study, as well as the networks established by them, based on the Actor-Network-Theory, this article does not intend to speak of the different perspectives on the body and its extreme transformations, unlike many papers and books on body modification.We try to take part in creating a theoretical repertoire to help the thinking of the modern transformations a propos the body – our common destiny – in view of the fact that the opposite of being embodied is to be dead. The conclusion is that if decisions, subjects, or indeed objects cohere then this is because they are both singular and multiple. We do not want to close the discussion with a statement that would be nothing but a mere replication of the original.

Keywords: Body modification, body art, bio-medical and technological development, modern transformations.

Author: Nascimento Duarte, Bárbara (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora/Université de Strasbourg, Brazil / Brasilien)


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