382 - Latin American Cities. Inequalities, segregation and tolerance /Ciudades latinoamericanas. Desigualdad, segregación y tolerancia

18.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30
18.07.2012 | 17:30 - 19:30

Convener 1: Di Virgilio, Mercedes (IIGG-UBA/ CONICET , Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina / Argentinien)
Convener 2: Perelman, Mariano (UBA/ CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Argentinien)

Latin American cities have historically been unequal cities. However, in recent years there have been produced a series of urban change – as the growth of cities and urban poverty, the shifting of rururban boundaries , the emergence of new ethnical, gender and cultural inequalities, t he internal and external migration, the growing multiculturalism and multi-ethnicity, etc. – that led the discussions and reflections on the struggles, conditions, practices and ways of life in urban centers to be increasingly complex.

The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA) estimated that for 2010 the urban population of the region it was almost the 80 % of the 569 millions of people that lives in the region. Of this population the 27.6 % is poor and the 8.3 % is living in extreme poverty. These numbers, however, say nothing about the ways in which poverty and inequality are expressed and are lived by diverse groups in different cities of the region.

This symposium aims to contribute to the debate about these topics. There are welcome proposals that analyses the ways in which social inequalities are constructed and expressed from territorial- urban configurations as well as from the territorial and symbolic boundaries and barriers. Thus, the symposium aims to complicate the understanding of the ways in which exclusion occurs and the conditions of life in different Latin American cities.

At the same time, the symposium wants to achieve a greater integration between researchers of different regions of the world with the aim to generate a productive dialogue and exchange between different thematic approaches, theoretical and methodological methods to address these problems. To do so, there will be accepted papers that advance to the analysis of livelihoods in Latin American cities. Some of the topics to be addressed are:

What are the different forms of inequality that characterize life in Latin American cities?

What features these forms of inequality in the different cities have?

How cultural and materials components interact in the production of inequality?

How social inequalities and tolerances between different social groups are expressed and constructed?

Keywords: Urban Poverty, Social inequality, Social Exclusion, boundaries, Latin American cities

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