5293 - Loosing sight in the globalized city: Estorvo/Turbulence (2000) by Ruy Guerra and Ensaio sobre a Cegueira/Blindness (2008) by Fernando Meirelles

Two Brazilian co-productions, Turbulence (2000) and Blindness (2008), have used their mode of production as a motive to situate their stories in urban spaces that are in fact assembled cities. Turbulance creates a location whose images were shot in Havanna, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. Filming for Blindness took place in Toronto, São Paulo, Osasco and Montevideo. In both cases the cities are at once unknown and recognizable, transnational and familiar. They have in common their deep impact on their characters’ identities. In Turbulance a young man’s vision is obfuscated due to his incapability of assuming any kind of identity in the disfigured urban space which is a reflection of his culture`s unjust paternalistic order. In Blindness an entire civilisation populated to a great amount by migrants collapses by losing its sight. In both cases the metaphor of seeing stands in for the inability of envisioning the societys` inhumanity. The aim of this paper is to compare how and why both films discuss the problem of vision and identity in these multiple city spaces.        

Palavras-chaves: Brazilian transnational productions, multiple city spaces, breakdown of society and individual

Autores: Ferreira, Carolin Overhoff (Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil / Brasilien)


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