10278 - Gender and Perspectivism among the Kuna (Panama)

This paper aims at discussing the reason why gender has not been considered a main category in Amerindian perspectivist cosmologies. According to the perspectivist schema, humanity and animality are two contiguous, yet different, conditions. As some authors have argued, humanity is coextensive with kinship and created through the processual fabrication of the body. The animal/human divide is often used to stress stages of growth from childhood to adulthood. Drawing on ethnographic data collected among the San Blas Kuna (Panama) on animal/human relations, dreams and reproduction, this paper shall argue that women and man must share the same perspective in order to raise up new human beings. Therefore their bodies – the locus of perspectives – must be made similar yet capable of acting in gendered ways to reproduce human social life.          

Palavras-chaves: Gender, Perspectivism, Animal/Human Relations, Dreams, Kuna

Autores: Margiotti, Margherita (University of Bristol, United Kingdom/Ver Königr)


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