774 - Media Spaces: Filmmaking Practices, Representation and Power Relations in Flux

17.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30

Convener 1: Noack, Karoline (Bonn University, Department of Cultural Anthropology of the Americas , Bonn, Germany / Deutschland)
Convener 2: Kummels, Ingrid (Freie Universität Berlin, LAI, Berlin, Germany / Deutschland)

Media practices are crucial in creating meaning and shaping the perception of reality. In the past decades a diversity of new forms of film and video production, TV and film genres, circuits of distribution and consumer communities has surged in the intent of overpowering or transforming hegemonic structures in production, distribution and representation. Examples of this are the indigenous media production in the field of TV, cinema and film festivals, new national film industries such as Bollywood, novel genres like “ethnic” telenovelas , border films and diasporic films as wells as alternative distribution networks as in the case of piracy-based local markets, NGOs and state institutions. At the symposium “Media Spaces” special attention will be given to the connections, intersections and breaks between the different spheres of filmmaking practices, exploring for example those between the narrative strategies of local storytelling and ritual performances, telenovelas and fiction film. It will also focus on the heterogeneity of the media collaborators and the diversity of public spheres, examining among other things the fragmentation of the creative process and the differential access to technology.

Keywords: media spaces, filmmaking practices, representations, transnational film, identities

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