939 - Transformative Cultures

20.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30

Convener 1: Paul, Patricia (none , La Conner, Ud States of Am / USA)
Convener 2: de Oliveira, Adolfo (social anthropology University of Santa Cruz, Ilhéus, Brazil / Brasilien)

Building dialogues in the Americas, this symposia encourages trans-disciplinary dialogues in transformative cultures. Recognizing the value of traditional knowledge embedded within indigenous cultures of the Americas, the transcultural processes, linked with cultural identities, build a framework of ongoing innovation and distinctive intellectual creative life that benefits all humanity. Respecting the traditional knowledge systems, that have historical and cultural significance, cultural identity transforms into a global modernity that alters the boundary of identities. The rights of indigenous peoples of Brazil, for example, over their traditional knowledge are considered to be inalienable, imprescriptible and unrenounceable prior rights. A transformative culture through encroachment to lands, political influences, global economics, environmental influences, and changes in the use of languages, are expressed through the claims of indigenous peoples globally rooted in a cosmological order. The view of the ‘sacred’, that which cannot be taken away, infuses a moral purpose in transformative experiences. The life worlds and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Americas will be analyzed as people in changing and shifting contexts. The collective knowledge of indigenous identity stretches, bursts, becomes quiet; as new generations meld influences of construction and deconstruction. The public management debate to assist in the transference of knowledge and replication of successful experiences contributes to the transformation of indigenous societies. The transformative process leads to change in action. Discoveries, developments, and inventions become transformative tools of expression.

Keywords: transformative culture, indigenous peoples

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