476 - Population growth among American Indians in the Amazon : New Challenges and Opportunities

18.07.2012 | 17:30 - 19:30
19.07.2012 | 17:30 - 19:30

Convener 1: Grenand, Pierre (IRD , Cayenne, France / Frankreich)
Convener 2: Davy, Damien (CNRS, Cayenne, France / Frankreich)

For nearly 20 years we have witnessed a significant recovery of the population defines itself as amerindian or indigenous. Apart from some marginal cases of some small non-contacted populations, nearly all amerindian tribes living in Amazonia (184 recognized ethnic groups) see their numbers increase. The Indians peoples now represent approximately 1,292,695 people (Reinette & Grenand, 2010). This population is rising due to several factors: - the acquisition of resistance to diseases that yesterday were fatal - better access to care - drop in of infant mortality - the recognition of specific rights for Amerindian peoples ...  

In addition, and an almost mathematical, the population unprecedented increase influence on how people must now manage, operate and live in their territory. The aim of this symposium is to discuss and share about different examples ranging throughout Amazonia, to better reflect the new challenges and opportunities generated by this demographic transition on both the social structures of indigenous peoples on how they manage their territory or in their relations with the States that harbor them.

We'd like to meet the various contributions, at least in part, to the following questions:    

How do these societies live this new demographic transition from a cultural and social point of view? Sociological problems posed by this growth (young vs. elder), relationship with the outside world ...    

How these new demographic realities and territorial fit into the economic and political realities of the various Amazonian country ?    

How the Native american perceive this demographic transition? What are the representations it generates (shamanic aspects ...)?    

Are we witnessing invariant or adaptive responses specific for each of these societies, the cultural foundation is it important?    

What are the new territorial dynamics generated by this population growth? concentration vs. breakdown of villages, land management, agricultural ecology ...

Keywords: Amerindians, demographic transition, Amazonia, territory, territorial dynamics

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