10002 - Shamanistic ontologies and the problem of mediation

This presentation aims to explore the recent transformations of Marubo (Panoan-speaking people from Western Amazonia) shamanistic ontology through the connection with other cases selected from the Lowland South-American ethnography. Questions related to the role of authority and mediation of discourses (for example in the process of translation and publication of verbal arts and other expressions of traditional knowledge) will be in the center of this reflexion. What kinds of conceptual connections and mediations arise in the relationships established between different intellectual actors (shamans and anthropologists) in the process of publication and circulation of traditional knowledges? How can the status of authority and authorship be transformed through this process? If Amerindian and Western conceptual regimes are marked by their differences, what are the conditions and challenges of the processes of translation, mediation, and symmetrical intellectual interactions?

Keywords: mediation, ontological multiplicity, transformation, Shamanism

Author: Pedro de Niemeyer, CESARINO (UNIFESP, Brazil / Brasilien)


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