11045 - Evangelical revivals, linguistic practices and language ideologies

As Amerindians engage in new forms of religious movements, they develop new linguistic practices which reflect and shape (new) linguistic ideologies. In these practices, contradictory ideologies become evident as speakers negotiate old and new ideas. In this paper, I explore these themes as evident in an Evangelical revival which took place in July 2001 in the Upper Guainia. While the majority of the attendants were Kurripako, there were also some other amerindians and non-indigenous people as well. I analyze some of the linguistic practices that took place during this 5 day event such as sermons, baptisms, hymns and argue that the contradictions present in them are the consequence of shifting language ideologies.

Keywords: Language ideologies, evangelical revival, Kurripako

Author: Granadillo, Tania (University of Western Ontario, Canada / Kanada)


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