11860 - Structure and Meaning of Contemporary Yucatec Maya Rituals

The ceremonies and rituals of the contemporary maya of the Yucatán peninsula present a large frame of forms and symbols, especially in the rituals of the agricultural cycle and ceremonies for the protection of territories like the new house, the solar, the rancho and the whole village. Rituals of the life cycle, for illness and curing like those for social integration, public offices (cargos) and fiestas cover other ritual cycles in the social life of the contemporary yucatec maya. The ceremonies as a whole, like each of them, permit us to see a structural guideline for ritual behavior and reveals the repeated use of key symbols.

This paper pretends to look for the structure and the key symbols represented in the ritual behavior of the contemporary yucatec maya and the continuity of their performance and the forms of adaptation.

Keywords: Ritual Behavior, key symbols, ritual structure, contemporary yucatec maya

Author: Marianne, Gabriel (Germany / Deutschland)


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