11805 - Envy as kinship. Ways of relatedness in a community of rural Andean Colombia.

This paper examines the social relations of a rural community of Aguabuena-Andean Colombia and their forms of relatedness through envy. The local expression of estamos muy juntos /“being too close” one to another is taken as a cultural idiom indexing an existential feeling informing the qualities of the sociability of a group of peasants and artisans and their “intersubjective dramas”(c.f. Jackson 1998: 2).

People in Aguabuena praise themselves for being highly individualistic as a consequence of their envy. Gente egoísta/ “Selfish people”, gente siempre buscando el propio bien/ “people seeking their own good” or gente que no se comprometen/ “people who are lacking any compromise (towards the others)”. However, the milieu of envy, far from creating an atomistic society of individuals as islands, does the opposite, that is, it creates a sense of being together, of co existence lived as people knightly bond and with a strong sense of community.

The paper theorizes the efficacy of envy in maintaining and re-creating social bonds reexamining classical debates on the nature of peasant´s society and social structure, kinship and compadrazgo. Following late developments on kinship theory and phenomenological anthropology and philosophy, the presentation aims to discuss how envy shapes and constitutes in itself a kinship system and compadrazgo frame so far undertheorized by previous anthropological accounts in the field of peasant studies.

Keywords: envy, kinship, compadrazgo, intersubjectivity, rural Colombia

Author: Castellanos Montes, Daniela (-, United Kingdom/Ver Königr)


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