11126 - Population growth among the Xipaya people

In this paper I intend to address the issue of population growth given the particular situation of the Xipaya population from the middle course of the Xingu River in the state of Para, Brazil. This population, which was once considered extinct, went through a process of resurgence in the 1970s, and now has its own territory and lives in three distinct areas, the Xipaya indigenous land, the city of Altamira, Para, and communities along the middle course of the Xingu River. Thus, the population growth here is as much about the process itself seen as a whole in the indigenous peoples of Amazonia, as a process of recognition that this population does exist. It is therefore of vital importance to understand its relation with the Brazilian State. Besides this fact I also intend to describe the relationship of this population with the different places of residence, specifically highlighting their own concepts of ethnicity and territory, looking for their own representations and differences that exist within the population itself for each site and the search for new territories. Therefore the paper will provide an overview of the Xipaya population growth, their territorial distribution and their own representations for each territory, with the backdrop of the relation of this population with the Brazilian State.

Keywords: Amerindians, Amazonia, territorial dynamics, Xipaya

Author: Simoni, Alessandra (UNICAMP, Austria / Österreich)


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