4096 - Human rights of Central American deportees and immigration policies

This paper presents the increase in the number of Central American deportees from the USA , explores two explanations for trends in immigration policies that produce deportees, and argues that Central American immigrants are contesting those policies by appealing to foundational principles of law. Trends in American immigration policies are examined under the light of Saskia Sassen’s theoretical approach in order to point out that the roots of recent State’s immigration acts to punish undocumented immigrants stem from the lack of reform in Federal legislation and the perception that States are bearing with the expenses linked to the presence of immigrants. Bauman´s theory goes deeper and presents a global system of exclusion which treats immigrants as wasted lives. However, based on John Rawls’ thesis and our own field work, the paper argues that immigrants resist, obtain substantial support, and undertake a fight that has most of the features of a disobedience act.

Keywords: Deportees, immigration policies, civil disobedience, Central America

Author: Rocha, José Luis (Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), Nicaragua / Nicaragua)


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