10508 - Perceptions of climate change in East Greenland: reflections on different discourses, interests, and ways of expression

This paper will reflect on differing perceptions of and discourses on climate change in East Greenland, drawing from prolonged periods of fieldwork in the Ammassalik region (2005-8) and from a recent study on the theme (Buijs 2010). I will picture a complex and highly political interplay of different attitudes, interests and ways of expression with regard to climate change, both in East Greenland and beyond, and will point out tensions that arise when trying to “fill” an abstract scientific concept with local experiences.

Within political circles, changes in climate are often viewed in a rather positive light since, it is argued, they bring along enhanced possibilities for economic development in Greenland. This attitude stands in contrast with various international guidelines trying to control negative impacts of climate change, which leads to discussions and negotiations of various sorts.

Palabras claves: Greenland, Inuit, political discourse, decision making

Autores: Elixhauser, Sophie (Universität Augsburg, Germany / Deutschland)


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